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Sarcrid Salve Treatment for Equine Sarcoids

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  • Sarcrid Salve

    SARCRID SALVE is an all-natural herbal salve specially formulated to treat the potentially debilitating condition of equine sarcoids. SARCRID SALVE is a all-natural herbal salve specially formulated to treat the potentially debilitating condition of equine sarcoids. This superior treatment has been field tested and reported to be effective in helping to eliminate these unsightly skin growths. The success of this salve is better with fibroblastic, verrucose, nodular and mixed. The occult sarcoids are much harder to penetrate, and seem to heal much slower with this salve. The success rate of the people that I have heard back from is about 90%. "It took about nine months to resolve this with my horse."

  • Ingredients:

    The proven combination of ingredients in Sarcrid Salve are 100% plant derived. Inca tree extract, kyoo, lizard scale flower and leaf, cool leaf

  • Usage

    Apply lightly over affected area daily until resolution is achieved. Use any clean flat plastic, wood or metal applicator. If desired, product may be applied by hand wearing disposable gloves. Will stain skin and cloth. The container treatment time is totally dependent on the size, number, type and depth of the sarcoid(s). Although, one should know by the end of one container, whether the salve is going to work. Since sarcoids are such an individualistic disease, what works for one may not work for another and what cures one in weeks, may take another months. No predictions are made, other than the expectation of positive changes in the four ounce tube.

  • Other Information

    A sarcoid is a locally aggressive, fibroblastic tumor of equine skin with a variable epithelial component and a high tendency to recurrence. Probably the most common cutaneous reason for euthanasia. Value of horse is decreased with sarcoids. Effective therapeutic options are very limited, some lesions may be better left alone. Prognosis: Very guarded must be given for all sarcoids as even benign looking lesions may progress to aggressive forms. Treatment is very difficult with varying and inconsistent results. Do not refer to sarcoids as 'warts' or 'angelberries' - the term 'skin cancer' better describes the potentially dangerous nature of the lesions. Geographic. Expensive. Equine sarcoid is a cause of huge losses to the equine industry. Treatment, if implemented tends to be prolonged, may need to be repeated, and may be unsuccessful, leading to major expense to the owner. Lesions may interfere with ability of horse to work. Special Risks: High rate of recurrence and possibly even exacerbation of the lesions which assume a variety of gross forms. It has been suggested that sarcoid lesions tend to occur on areas of skin prone to traumatic insult. Surgical trauma of castration my expose geldings to the causal agent. Fibroblastic types have long sinuous pegs of tumor tissue extending beneath the intact epidermis. High tendency for sarcoids to recur.

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