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KG Bird Spray 5000ml bottle + an empty spray bottle for the Removal of Mites & Lice on Hens, Pigeons, Parrots & all indoor Birds

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KG Bird Spray

KG Bird Spray is chemical and pesticide-free, dual-purpose all-in-one product. It has the power to effectively rid your bird of bird mites, red mites, depluming mite, northern fowl mite, scaly leg mites, fleas, lice and parasites naturally! It also has the ability to eliminate odours.
Can be safely used on the bird's body and wings, their bedding and surrounding grounds without the need to move your birds.
KG Bird Spray is our revolutionary chemical-free and pesticide-free formula.
KG Bird Spray is non-toxic, chemical-free, biodegradable, all-organic, hypoallergenic and easy to use with no removal of the birds needed.
KG Bird Spray penetrates and emulsifies all types of organic insect matter on all surfaces. It is an environmentally-friendly alternative to harsh pesticides and chemicals and is highly effective for clearing all surfaces of bird mites, fleas, lice and odours.
As a pest control product,
KG Bird Spray works better, quicker and safer than dangerous, synthetic pesticide poisons.
KG Bird Spray can be safely used on the bird's body and wings, their bedding and surrounding grounds. Studies show that when fleas, mites and lice are no longer present on and around birds, they become less stressed and aggressive, allowing them to do what they do best; increase egg production and gain bodyweight. The elimination of parasites and insects will help decrease mortality rates in young birds increasing egg production, increasing body weight and taking away stress.
Caution - Do not spray on birds eyes, mouth or the nostrils (nares).
Air entering these openings passes through the pharynx & then into the trachea (or windpipe) this will cause the bird to suffocate due to not being able to catch their breath as a bird takes a second breath.


  • Description

    KG Bird Spray ™ is a multi-purpose, all - in-one product with the power to clean away insects and the ability to eliminate odours. It is simple, easy and cost effective. Studies show that when fleas, mites and lice are no longer present on and around birds, they become less stressed and aggressive, allowing them to do what they do best: increase egg production and gain body weight!. KG Bird Spray ™ is uniquely formulated to act quickly and remain effective for long periods against unpleasant odours such as urine and faecal matter. The molecular deodorants attack the malodours at the source. Ammonia, nitrogen and sulphur odours are eliminated immediately upon application.

  • Ingredients:

    Active ingredient Plant enzymes, Aqua, Citric acid, A specially formulated broad-spectrum of NATURAL enzymes (protease, amylase, cellulose, and lipase) derived from innocuous yeast strains. food grade ingredients. A readily biodegradable blend of select surfactants chosen for their emulsification attributes and relatively low order of aquatic toxicity.
    A concentrated, supplemented, mineral and nutrient-rich extract derived from a carefully controlled fermentation.
    The incorporation of a broad-spectrum enzyme package from a proprietary fermentation of innocuous yeast strains.

    Active ingredients: A specially formulated broad spectrum of NATURAL enzymes (protease, amylase, cellulose, lipase) derived from innocuous yeast strains. FDA .Grade A food ingredients. GRAS (FDA Generally Regarded As Safe) List Parts 184 and 186. Citric Acid -0.0063%,Yeast-1.18%,Potassium sorbate-0.0037%, Filtered Water-98.81%. Hypoallergenic, Non-flammable , Non-Carcinogenic, Ecologically Safe. Leaves no harmful residue or smell. Children and pet safe. Storage, keep out of direct sunlight.shelf life 2 years This product is a bio-pesticide. Enzymes can be used to replace harsh conditions and harsh chemicals, thus saving energy and preventing pollution. They are also highly specific, which means fewer unwanted side-effects and by-products in the production process. Enzymes themselves are biodegradable, so they are readily absorbed back into nature.

  • Usage

    Spray as often necessary (daily or weekly) to keep the birds environment clean and pest free. Daily spraying may be necessary for a few weeks if a bird mite infestation is suspected. A misting over of the birds feathers and pen,cage will make sure of any late hatching mites or missed corners where mites hide until dusk to then feed on the birds. KG Bird Spray is a proprietary formulation has been designed to be non-hazardous and non-flammable. It has a slightly acidic (pH 4.0 – 4.5) organic composition. KG Bird Spray™ is a superb cleaner of for poultry processing equipment, floors, walls, drain lines and ponds. Further, it will continuously attack bio-films and bacteria on any surface until they can be removed with clean water. KG Bird Spray™ has shown its ability to penetrate and remove bio- films from plastic, stainless steel, tiles, concrete, etc., as well as the surface layers of grease, oils and fats. KG Bird Spray™ will continue to safely cleanse until there is no longer a host environment for the bacteria. Thus, KG Bird Spray should be left on equipment to help in the reduction of contaminants that can host bacterial reproduction. The results are based on your own commitment and may vary for each individual bird and specific needs, results are not guaranteed, regular use maybe needed.

  • Natural Ways to Control Infestation

    Never introduce new birds to your flock without making sure they are parasite and disease free. 


    Bird droppings are a magnet for disease. Remember, several times a year you need to do a thorough cleaning and disinfecting of the entire bird house. Thoroughly remove all bedding and litter from coop. It is highly recommended that all debris be removed from premises or burned. Spray everything with KG BIRD SPRAY™, including cracks and crevices. Each and every bird, regardless of infestation, should be sprayed or dipped in KG BIRD SPRAY™. Ask about discounts given on large quantity’s


    It is recommended that grounds around poultry house also be sprayed with KG Bird Spray™.


    Painting the roost will help to combat chicken mites and bed bugs. It is very difficult to know what parasite has infected your birds since one parasite can mimic another. Using a magnifying glass will help you identify your infestation.



    The order of Siphonaptera family Leptopsyllidae genus Leptosylla is a flea that lives on birds. Visible indication of fleas or mites is aggressive behavior, constant scratching, reduced egg production, lack of appetite and lack of feathers. The family Ceratophyllidae flea lives on rodents. It is very common that rodent fleas can also live on birds.


    The order of Pediculus family is a small invertebrate parasite. They are flattened and wingless parasites that feed on warm-blooded animals.  No flock is ever 100% parasite free. We do not live in a sterile environment so control is a must!

    Mites & Lice

    Mites and lice commonly travel to chickens, game birds and turkeys via wild birds such as sparrows, black birds and pigeons, to name a few. Wild birds carry disease and parasites that can be easily transferred to your flock. Rodents also carry diseases and parasites. On both types of carrying hosts parasites can live for several weeks to months, mating, hatching and transferring to your birds. No farm is immune to unwanted outsiders like mice, rats or wild birds. Mites are related to the tick family. There are 20,000 species of mites known as arthropod invertebrates sub class Acari (eight legs two body parts). Lice, on the other hand, have three parts: head, thorax and abdomen with six legs. There are one million species of lice.

    Ammonia Control

    Ammonia is an 'immuno-suppressant' damaging the 'air sacs' and shutting down the immune system in birds, leaving them defenceless to respiratory diseases. Ammonia produces high stress levels and increases mortality rates. KG Bird Spray™ controls ammonia odour and eliminates its harmful effects on the birds by improving air quality in the poultry house. It can also reduce electrical use caused by running fans in the poultry house. It is also a great way to clean away adult flies from in and around bird droppings.


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