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SB Ears & Face Oil to assist in removal of mites 250ml

£ 33.50 each

  • SB Ears & Face Oil

    SB Ears & Face Oil is specially formulated to ease the sensation of crawling mites on the face and ears

  • Ingredients:

    Argania Spanoa, Blended Enzymes

  • Usage

    To Neutralise face mites on eyebrows nose lips and face, apply a few drops on the itching and reddened area twice daily (especially at bedtime), or as often as needed to stop the irritation.


    Two drops in each ear before bedtime or as needed.


    Rub into nails of the feet and hands a often as needed.


    Using a cotton pad add a few drop and wipe over the soles of the feet to alleviate the itching.

  • Other Information

    Continue using the oil blend until you see the results you which to achieve. SB Ear and face oil is a 100 % Natural hand pressed Anti-Microbial organic nut oil blended with natural enzymes to wipe onto the face around the nose, eyes and ears safely also very good for the soles of the feet and nails. It will ease the sensation of crawling of mites on the face and body. Decreasing Roceaca, demodex, Scabies, bird mites and skin fungus dry skin problems daily. Continue to use will achieve the best results.

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