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Natures Defender Concentrate for Lawn & Garden 1000ml

£ 54.95 each

Natures Defender concentrated formula is a pest control concentrate made from natural cedarwood oil. Designed for use in lawns, gardens and other outdoor spaces, Natures Defender kills Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitoes, Ants, and Mites. This product will dilute with water.

 Natures Defender Concentrated formula to treat space (60ml of Natures Defender concentrate for every 18.5 litres of water for tank sprayers).

  • Made from Natural cedarwood oil
  • Highly concentrated—must be diluted with water
  • Controls  fleas, ticks, ants, mosquitoes and mites
  • 1 litre treats up to 100 sq meters of land
  • Fresh cedar scent
  • Apply monthly or as needed

Natures Defender is an excellent alternative to synthetic chemical pesticides.
From ants to ticks and fleas, bugs can ruin an otherwise peaceful lawn. P parties, BBQs, and other garden festivities are all much less fun once the biting insects and other creepy crawlies show up. They’re not just nuisances either, bugs like mosquitoes and ticks, for instance, carry harmful diseases that put both your family and pets’ lives at risk. There’s no need to resort to chemical-based insecticides, either. Instead, follow these non-toxic options for bug-proofing your



  • This Cedar Oil formulation is made from modified Texas Red Cedar and ethyl lactate, a bio solvent made from corn. It is our large molecule product, 100% biological pesticide, which loves water. This formulation has been designed to work synergistically when mixed with large amounts of water. This formulation has been designed to work synergistically when mixed with large amounts of water.

  • 85% Cedar Oil

    15% Ethyl Lactate

  • This is a Concentrated formulation "DILUTE WITH WATER"

    Pour 150ml of the Natures Defender concentrate add water to make 5 liters of water spray X this to create larger amounts. ie. 300ml = 10 ltrs of spray

    Repeat as often as necessary to complete the initial soaking.

    The first application is the most important, your objective is to liberally soak all areas of your garden yard area including but not limited to the flower beds, organic garden, shrubbery, trees, grass and concrete areas including any standing water.

    Important to wash down the side of your structures working from the building outward from foundation to fence lines, spray everything. Remember, avoid spraying in afternoons. Best results will be acheived with applications in the early morning or late evening.

    Natures Defender Replaces synthetic toxic chemicals. This formulation has been designed to work synergistically when mixed with water. Natures Defender can be applied with garden sprayer, tank sprayer, with a hand held pump up sprayer or back pack sprayer.

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