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Doctor Zymes plant cleanser ready to use - Spray 32oz cleans away Mites, Thrips, Aphids, Whiteflies as well as their Larvae and Eggs

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The Amazing Doctor Zymes plant cleanser- it’s the right way to grow…the responsible way to destroy all of the nasty critters that inhibit your plant’s growth.

The Amazing Doctor Zymes is a revolutionary green solution eliminates soft-bodied insects, moulds and mildews on your indoor or outdoor gardens. Professional Growers use it all year to ensure pest-free, mildew-free plants. Many of them have told us that they realised an increase in yields by not having to combat pests and mildews with toxic or oil-based products and that as a preventative they did not see any pests or mildews even up to the day of harvest.

DR Zymes works by disrupting the insects' ability to breathe. The acid derived from our proprietary formula breaks down protein and organic matter such as eggs and insect droppings. It is a highly effective deterrent as well.

Dr Zymes cleanser works on mildews and moulds by the citric acid digesting the biomass and changing the pH to create a hostile environment so that mildews and moulds cannot take hold.

Dr Zymes can be used as a soil drench to combat fungus gnats, soil-borne pests, moulds and mildews. It is highly effective and safe.

Use year-round for pest free, mildew free garden. When used as a preventative, it will prevent infestations from taking over your garden.

  • Eliminator is comprised of naturally occurring organic materials combined with surfactants and other biologically stimulating ingredients. It is highly effective, killing all mites, thrips, aphids and whiteflies, their eggs and larvae. It removes the biomass of molds, mildews and fungus. As a soil drench it kills, fungus gnats and other soil borne insects as well as their eggs and larvae. All without the use of harmful pesticides. Testimonial- "This last year was an epidemic with mites tearing through peoples gardens. Everyone was trying everything, but nothing was working. A colleague recommended The Amazing Doctor Zymes Eliminator to me, and it ended up saving most of my customer’s yields.” “I fully stand behind this product. It works like nothing I've ever used.” Store Owner - Chico, CA

  • Blended Enzymes

  • Recommended Application

    Always test before using, some plants are more sensitive than others. To avoid phytotoxicity, use in the evening when the sun is off your plants and the room or outside temperature is below 27 degrees Celsius. Do not spray in direct sunlight. Do not spray on top of or with pesticides, insecticides or nutrients. Do not use a wetting agent.

    Avoid spraying beneficial insects. Spray top and underneath leaves, stems, stalks and base of the plant. This is a contact product so ensure you spray generously to ensure full contact with pests, moulds or mildews.

    When combating mites, thrips, aphids and fungus gnats we recommend using 3 days in a row, then once weekly. Continue until you see no sign of pests. For severe infestations use every. Some infestations are worse than others and may take longer to eliminate. Use Eliminator as a preventative by spraying weekly to keep them away.

    For Russet Mites, if you have leaf tacoing, that is where the mites lay their eggs and where the larvae reside. Make sure you spray inside the leaves that are tacoed. It will not hurt flowering plants and can be sprayed on the flower too. The leaves will start to open up after a few days and you should see new growth as well. If you see damage on the leaves after you spray, this is usually due to the necrosis from the mite damage. Do not be alarmed the new growth will look healthy.

    Dr Zymes plant cleaner concentrated form dilutions = 32oz can be diluted by 2.5oz to 30oz of water making 12.8 pints. or 75ml -946ml of water = 13.3 liters cost per liter = £2.47 per liter.

  • Tips For Success

    When spraying indoors, make sure you use during the dark cycle to avoid phytotoxicity. Do not spray under HID lights. If plants still are wet from spraying you can use a fan to dry leaves before turning on HID lights.

    When spraying outdoors, spray in evening and in temperatures under 27 degrees Celsius.

    Test each strain before using, some strains may be more sensitive than others.

    This is a contact product, so make sure you spray insects thoroughly and that you spray the entire plant including the stalk. Spray the top of the soil and around the pots as well as underneath where pests may reside and hide.

    Eliminator leaves no harmful residues and is bacteria free making it the ideal pest and fungal control for organic gardening and the environment.

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