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Rid A Weed 500ml Spray- Replacement to Round Up. Just spray the weed roots and leaf surface and wait.

£ 6.95 each

Rid-A-Weed An alternative Replacement to Round Up

  • Finally, a way to control unwanted plant growth without soil contamination. The Chemical free way to eliminate grass and weeds on your fence line, pavement, driveway or in the garden. Just spray the weed roots and leaf surface and wait. Can be used to acidify soil in gardenia or azalea beds. Excellent Spider Killer for inside sheds and other structures. Keeps cats out of flower beds & other off limit areas.

  • 50% Acetic Acid

    50% Water


    Dandelion, Thistle, Ragwort, Clover, Nut Grass, Fences, Pavements, Driveways Gardens. Neutralizes spiders inside sheds & other structures


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